Marche makes grocery list building easy and your shopping more efficient. With more than 1700 common grocery items built into the app, adding items to your list is as easy as tapping your device. The app keeps track of what you’ve purchased, the price of each item, and the total price of your list, so you don’t have to! Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Are you buried under an avalanche of grocery lists? We’ve all been there. It’s just about impossible to find the best price for every item all in a single store. That’s why so many people go from one store to the next, often all in the same day, following the best sales.

Fortunately you have Marche! Build a separate grocery list for every store, for every weekly sale ad, or even for each recipe in your weekly menu, then have it all at your fingertips exactly when you need it, without fishing around for your tattered paper list.

Marche Features Include:
* More than 1700 common grocery list items already in the database
* Monthly cost chart to track your spending over time
* Shopping timer lets you know how much time you’ve spent shopping
* Attractive and easy to use interface
* Grocery search with instant results
* Supports multiple shopping lists
* Add notes to your list
* Custom action for single tap, long-press, swipe and more
* Keep track recently added items(Recent vs frequency ordering option)
* Organize products by aisle
* Share lists via email, SMS, or by syncing with the Marche server
* Price tag for each list
* Designated number pad
* Disable auto sleep option so the app is always onscreen while you shop
* Customizable wallpaper
* Export chart data via email with csv format
* Tax setting
* US/SI measuring system
* Grouping items for reuse(Template)
* Filtering shopping list with “all”, “doing” and “completed”

The interface is attractive, easy to understand and easy to navigate. Here’s how it works. Just start a list, give it a name and start adding items. With over 1700 pre-loaded grocery items in the app, chances are you’ll only have to type a couple of characters before the item you want pops into the drop down list. Any item you do have to add manually will go right into the database, so it’ll be there the next time you need it.

Add quantities, item prices and your local sales tax percentage and the app will keep a running tally as you shop. Just tap the item on your screen when you put it into your basket, and Marche will cross it off your list automatically. No more poring over a notepad or digging through your basket trying to remember if you’ve already purchased a certain item.

Do you plan on having help with the shopping? Just sync your list with our server, and family members can grab a copy and go. If you would rather share your lists directly, that’s not a problem. Send a list to anyone via email or SMS right from the app.

To make sure the help you get is the kind of help you actually need, Marche lets you add notes to your lists. Let your family know exactly what they’re looking for by adding descriptions, the type of packaging a product comes in (Box, Bottle, Dozen etc) or even organizing the list items by which aisle they’re in. No more mistakes means no more running back to the store to get the right item.

If you’re watching your budget, then you’ll want to keep track of your grocery bills. It’s important to know exactly where your money goes each month. Marche tracks your monthly spending for you. Just check the easy to read bar chart to review your monthly grocery expenditures throughout the year.

Whether you’re writing one grocery list or ten, Marche is up to the task. It’s like having your own personal shopper with you wherever you happen to be! Don’t waste time writing out list after list with a pen and paper. Download Marche now and just go shopping!

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