URL scheme for AwesomeCalendar Pro & Lite

Since AwesomeCalenar 4.3, we support URL scheme to integrate with third party apps. If you are a iOS developer and want to integrate your app with great calendar application, use below URL. Open Calendar(Basic Scheme) acal://view acalite://view – Just open AwesomeCalendar(Paid version) or AwesomeCalendar Lite(Free version). Open Calendar with view type acal://view?type=[month|week|day|agenda]&date=2014-01-26 acalite://view?type=[month|week|day|agenda]&date=2014-01-26 – Open...

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What’s new in 4.3

New features: +Snooze option in Notification Alert. +Now you can complete a reminder or todo with popup-view, agenda view, filofax and list view by touching the checkbox. +Day order for Agenda view has two options, Z order and N order. +Disable option for page curling of month view. +50 more new stickers. Bug fixed: +Badge...

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Celebrity Calendar has been released.

YunaSoft’s has released new calendar application, named Celebrity Calendar. This application let you see the beautiful women’s photo on background of month-view. Every single photo is taken by professional photographer and you will never be disappointed. You can enjoy different background on every month. This app is for FREE. Try now. https://itunes.apple.com/app/id756387884?mt=8

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What’s new in 4.2

New features: +Default alert option for new event. +Alert on/off control for each calendar. +More information in notification. +Whole week time-table view. +Daily agenda view. +New calendar create and remove function. +Display day of year. +Saving alert to the template. +20 more traditional stickers added. +Launching the app with last used view. +Timezone name changed....

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What’s new in 4.1

New features: +iOS reminder on/off option. +Change a font color for month view to black. +New monthly recurrence rule: Last day, last weekday and last weekend day. +Map on/off option for event location. +Pastel bar color on/off option. +Category segment control for reminder and google task in list/search view. +Color add button in event color...

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