13th update, October 9, 2012, Version 2.2

New feature:
*Full week view, Daily time block view.
*Quick popup view on month view(tap or double tap).
*5 Years Ago Today: you can see your past events on 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years ago today. Paid version only.
*Photo calendar. AwesomeCalendar display photos of photo library on date. Paid version only.
*Customizable Alert option.
*Air-Print month, week, day, or each event. Beautiful overview for month.
*Enable multiple holiday.
*5 day weather forecast(+1 more day forecast added).
*Widget system on top view.
*Wise saying widget added.
*Email note by attaching images for gmail user.
*Print note.
*Move event.

Bug fixed:
*Weather display.
*Mother’s day, father’s day and easter day added.
*Underline bug on location field.
*Event color reset bug when editing.


12th update, July 3, 2012 Version 2.1

New features:
*Enable color coding to each event.
*Attaching contacts to appointment.
*Fade out option on past events.
*Arrow button in Monthly view.
*Option for disable strikethrough on completed todo.
*Location picking on map.
*Event view big improved.
*Email event.
*SMS date format changed. 01/30->Jan/30.
*Small sticker option for iPad.
*reduce today marker image size.
*Increasing font size for iPad.

Bug fixed:
*Google calendar sync(refresh) bug fixed.
*Badge wrong displaying bug fixed.
*Thanksgiving day date error in 2013 US holiday.


11th update, April 10, 2012 Version 2.0

New feature:
*Sync. with Google Task.
*Custom theme color and Calendar color support.
*Unlimited adding alarms.
*More recurring rule(8 days repeat, n’th Monday…).
*Set repeat end date by date or occurrence number.
*Badge alarm on icon. Number of today’s events, todos.
*Underline with completed task.
*Map displaying with appointment location.
*Cancelable when editing event.

Bug fixed:
*Philippine, Hongkong holiday bug fixed.
*Mis-click whiling swipe left or right.


10th update, Mar 22, 2012 Version 1.7.1

New feature:
*Taiwan holiday added.

Bug fixed:
*With monday start option, event is shifted one week on the month view calendar.
*Some device is crashed during registering phone number(astir included phone number).
*Sometimes long press doesn’t work on month view.
*When photo add to note with iPad, crashed.(relating with auto correction)
*When sharing todo without date, crashed.


9th update, Mar 13, 2012 Version 1.7

New feature:

*Lite version: Unlock limit of 10 more adding event. But you should see advertise.
*Monday start option.
*Memo in ToDo.
*Reminder in ToDo.
*Font size and Style change option in Monthly view.
*Emoticon on/off option.
*All setting views support landscape mode.
*Single event save option with recurring event.
*User support page and suggestion page in setting.
*Crash report collecting feature from user.
*Weather display layout improved in top view.
*Event refreshing (syncing) button in setting.

Bug fixed:
*Sometimes navigation bar disappearing with iPad.
*Small sticker size bug.
*App don’t launch when Buddhist and Japanese calendar is applied.
(This issue occurred with Thai and Japan region format)
*Translate Israell holiday in English.
*Canadian holiday updated.


8th update, Feb 07,2012 Version 1.6

New feature:

*Customizable calendar color.
*Show/hide weather display by swipe gesture.
*Event time display in list view.
*Time change option while event copying.
*Boost up loading speed.

Bug fixed:
*Wrong display of month name in Czech .


7th update, Jan 26,2012 Version 1.5

New Features:
* Duplicate event to another date.
* Quick move to other year in monthly, daily and weekly view.
* Edit todo item.
* Reorder todo items.
* Change display format of event date in event view. 01/12->Jan/12.
* Customizable theme color. Orange color to other.
* Improve monthly view display.
* Delete single event in repeating series.
* 72 more sticker.
* Fix start date and time while editing end date of event.
* Weather display switch option in landscape mode.

Bug Fixed:
* Original keyboard display in passcode view.
* Korean language in note title at other country.


6th update, Jan 06, 2012 Version 1.4.1

Bug Fixed:
*Passcode view always is displayed.


5th update, Jan 06,2012 Version 1.4

New Features:
*Share note via email.
*Passcode lock.
*More repeat option in event.
*24hr format supported.


4th update, Dec 22,2011 Version 1.3

New Features:
*Weather display
*More events loading option in list view.
*More event alarm option.
*Shrink/expand Sat/Sunday in weekly view.
*URL parsing in event memo.


3rd update, Dec 15,2011 Version 1.2

New Features:
*Read-only function in memo.
*Multiple calendar on/off
*All-day option in event.
*Choose calendar option while adding event.
*iPhone birthday calendar support.
*Lunar calendar for Korean.


2nd update, Dec 05,2011 Version 1.1

New Features:
* Photo save in note.
*Holiday support.
*Delete in edit note, todo and event view.
*Memo in event.

Bug Fixed:
*Not display March 31th in switzerland.


1st update, Nov 21,2011 Version 1.0.1

Bug Fixed:
*minor bug fixed.