What’s new in 5.2

New features:
+ Invite people with event.
+ Response for invitation.
+ Background badge refresh.
+ Adjust event search period.

Bug fixed:
+ Several bugs relating with AwesomeShare.
+ Crash when removing subitems in ToDo.
+ Adjust layout of recurrence view in Italian.
+ Change URL for “enable google multiple calendar”.
+ Display reminders in Japanese calendar.
+ Turn off recurrence with all-day reminder.
+ Crash when using iCloud note sync. with iOS 7.


What’s new in 5.1

New features:
+Now event template saves a calendar.
+Improvement of readability of date picker.
+Wheel date picker comes back. Turn on the option in Settings.
+Fine tune button for increasing or decreasing 1 minute.
+Full support 64bit.

Bug fixed:
+Mis-displaying a title with carriage return.
+Got stuck when panoramic images are used as background image.
+syc. problem of note via iCloud.
+More minor bug fixed.

What’s new in 5.0

New features:
+New design for event edit/create view.
+Drag&drop in week, agenda and day view.
+Absolute alarm date option.
+Set photo as month calendar background. Plus transparency control.
+More preset for all day event alarm.
+More option for read-only event.

Bug fixed:
+Update current time line in timetable view.
+Show event location map in event view.
+Date move button in diary view does not work with list view.
+Add contact to event.
+Email diary with iPad.
+More minor bug fixed.

URL scheme for AwesomeCalendar Pro & Lite

Since AwesomeCalenar 4.3, we support URL scheme to integrate with third party apps. If you are a iOS developer and want to integrate your app with great calendar application, use below URL.

  • Open Calendar(Basic Scheme)
    – Just open AwesomeCalendar(Paid version) or AwesomeCalendar Lite(Free version).
  • Open Calendar with view type
    – Open app with specific view. date parameter is optional, if there is no date parameter, each view moves to today.
  • View Event or Reminder
    – Open the specific event or reminder with calendarItemIdentifier
  • Add Event
    – Add a event directly. Every parameter is optional.
  • Add Reminder
    – Add a reminder directly.


For more information, contact our developers via email. support@iyunasoft.com

What’s new in 4.3

New features:
+Snooze option in Notification Alert.
+Now you can complete a reminder or todo with popup-view, agenda view, filofax and list view by touching the checkbox.
+Day order for Agenda view has two options, Z order and N order.
+Disable option for page curling of month view.
+50 more new stickers.

Bug fixed:
+Badge bug.