WidgetCal is a calendar app made for a person who has to check schedules quickly. Do not waste time to unlock the phone and open a calendar app, all you need is just to swipe screen. It will save your valuable time displaying your whole month schedule on Widget and even lock screen.

Show whole month view with title on WIDGET

Now you do not have to struggle to check your schedule. WidgetCal shows the whole month view on your Widget and even your Lock screen. Just swipe down to show Widget whenever you need to check the schedule in a second.

Best for who hates complicated one

Simple and intuitive!
We know some people has difficulty to learn a new things because we are not all tech-savvy. If you are hesitate to get it, you do not have to do because it is so simple, you will get used to it in the first few mints. No hidden gesture, no complicated path, just simple UI.

It’s entertaining!

WidgetCal offers tons of stickers for decorating or emphasizing a day.

It would be one of the pleasures while using this elegant planner. Try to make your own unique planner with stickers

Great With Cozi

I use this widget so I don’t have to pay for the month view of Cozi. I love how organized this is. Small enough to see everything on my plus size screen without scrolling, large enough to read. The only thing that would make this widget better would be to integrate weather forecasts next to the date (so it doesn’t use up valuable space).

— ID: blondeh8675309

The best calendar widget out there! AAA***

Especially with the new ipadOS v13. Hopefully the authors will realize that they need to fix the font colors and shades in the Widget as with the new iOS light/dark modes, they need to tweak! Just please give us two custom modes…light and dark. Thx!

So, if you need a nice widget on your beautiful new iPadOS desktop to work with the standard Apple provided Calendar App, this widget App is the way to go! Plus the authors offer a free three-month trial…how great is that!

I suggest trying this nice little widget App if it’s a better widget that you need. Their companion App that you access from the widget isn’t bad either!

— ID: ttrq01