One upgrade covers everyone in the family

Get an ads-free experience and bunch of premium features

Manage everyday life and keep the whole family with EverCal. Everyone’s schedules, activities, and appointments in one place that’s accessible anytime, anywhere on this organizer.Check everything on one planner app.

The specially designed Notification Center allows you to see all user changes in one place. You don’t have to find out when and what schedules have been changed by other members. All changes can be confirmed at the Notification Center.

Family password features let you organize various secret codes wha the members have to know. Passport, gate password, bank account, PC passcode and etc can be shared with your family.

Schedules, notes and tasks will be shared all together. If you have very private entries, just set it to Private.

Anniversaries are also get in one place and shared. Family’s important days are going to showing with special UI with notification. Everyone will get alert sound for the day.