The things you do every day just got easier with task app.

it helps you handle daily routine quickly.
It never let you forget things what you have to do.

The custom alert sound makes todos more noticeable.

Its intuitive interface make easier to mange, with simple swipe you can move

another list and the well-organized list view which is divided

into Today, Tomorrow, Next week and Someday helps you focus on the day.


it is the best way to jot down your thought with images.

It stays syncing cross over all your device.
Your day will be stay with you always.

The tagging feature helps you organize notes in very easy way

and the pin-top feature puts an important note on the top of the screen always.

Stickers & Markers

It supports two ways to emphasize important days.

You can put a marker which is a simple designed symbol on a specific day.
The markers can be replaced with events which are used very open such as dentist,

school, work, business trip, travel and so on.
Just put proper maker on a day instead of creating an event.

It is not over, it offers bunch of cute stickers. You can stick them anywhere.

Moreover you can use them in the iMessage app. Try to stick some for your friends.


Message, Print, email, PDF and all most all sharing ways are available.

Try to print out the whole month schedule and post it on the family board.

The things you have to let your family member know can be shared via SMS, email

or other 3rd party massinger app such as what’s app or Facebook message.

Week view

If you have bunch of schedules,

the month view is not good to display all the event on a small day box.
Weekly and daily view can display much more items on it.