Wanted!!! John

We are anxiously looking for one guy who is AwesomeSlot winner with 4 plum. His name is Jone, but I am not sure it is correct name or not. He said that he got four plum, but he didn’t capture screen shot for that.

But we lost his email address, we want to find him and give redeem code for award. It was totally our fault.

John, please contact again to us. Anyone who know about him, please report to us.

We are Finding beta tester!

We are finding beta tester for our new app

It’s named Marche(not march) in french meaning “market”

Marche is shopping list app to help your shopping be easy and funny

If you want to participate in the test , send e-mail to us with your UDID

“I don’t  know what the UDID!!!”

Those  who don’t  konw UDID, check out the below link



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