What’s new in 5.2

New features:
+ Invite people with event.
+ Response for invitation.
+ Background badge refresh.
+ Adjust event search period.

Bug fixed:
+ Several bugs relating with AwesomeShare.
+ Crash when removing subitems in ToDo.
+ Adjust layout of recurrence view in Italian.
+ Change URL for “enable google multiple calendar”.
+ Display reminders in Japanese calendar.
+ Turn off recurrence with all-day reminder.
+ Crash when using iCloud note sync. with iOS 7.


What’s new in 5.1

New features:
+Now event template saves a calendar.
+Improvement of readability of date picker.
+Wheel date picker comes back. Turn on the option in Settings.
+Fine tune button for increasing or decreasing 1 minute.
+Full support 64bit.

Bug fixed:
+Mis-displaying a title with carriage return.
+Got stuck when panoramic images are used as background image.
+syc. problem of note via iCloud.
+More minor bug fixed.

What’s new in 5.0

New features:
+New design for event edit/create view.
+Drag&drop in week, agenda and day view.
+Absolute alarm date option.
+Set photo as month calendar background. Plus transparency control.
+More preset for all day event alarm.
+More option for read-only event.

Bug fixed:
+Update current time line in timetable view.
+Show event location map in event view.
+Date move button in diary view does not work with list view.
+Add contact to event.
+Email diary with iPad.
+More minor bug fixed.

URL scheme for AwesomeCalendar Pro & Lite

Since AwesomeCalenar 4.3, we support URL scheme to integrate with third party apps. If you are a iOS developer and want to integrate your app with great calendar application, use below URL.

  • Open Calendar(Basic Scheme)
    – Just open AwesomeCalendar(Paid version) or AwesomeCalendar Lite(Free version).
  • Open Calendar with view type
    – Open app with specific view. date parameter is optional, if there is no date parameter, each view moves to today.
  • View Event or Reminder
    – Open the specific event or reminder with calendarItemIdentifier
  • Add Event
    – Add a event directly. Every parameter is optional.
  • Add Reminder
    – Add a reminder directly.


For more information, contact our developers via email. support@iyunasoft.com

What’s new in 4.3

New features:
+Snooze option in Notification Alert.
+Now you can complete a reminder or todo with popup-view, agenda view, filofax and list view by touching the checkbox.
+Day order for Agenda view has two options, Z order and N order.
+Disable option for page curling of month view.
+50 more new stickers.

Bug fixed:
+Badge bug.

Calendar on your LOCK SCREEN!

Now you can check friends’ birthday, anniversary and even holiday on Lock Screen. Don’t open the iCal to check date of this month. Just turn on iPhone and see the lock screen, then Cal+Lock brings every important events to your lock screen. It is FREE now!

Let’s try to download at :

AwesomeCal Free

Cal+Lock Free