What’s new in 4.3

New features:
+Snooze option in Notification Alert.
+Now you can complete a reminder or todo with popup-view, agenda view, filofax and list view by touching the checkbox.
+Day order for Agenda view has two options, Z order and N order.
+Disable option for page curling of month view.
+50 more new stickers.

Bug fixed:
+Badge bug.

Calendar on your LOCK SCREEN!

Now you can check friends’ birthday, anniversary and even holiday on Lock Screen. Don’t open the iCal to check date of this month. Just turn on iPhone and see the lock screen, then Cal+Lock brings every important events to your lock screen. It is FREE now!

Let’s try to download at :

AwesomeCal Free

Cal+Lock Free


What’s new in 4.2

New features:
+Default alert option for new event.
+Alert on/off control for each calendar.
+More information in notification.
+Whole week time-table view.
+Daily agenda view.
+New calendar create and remove function.
+Display day of year.
+Saving alert to the template.
+20 more traditional stickers added.
+Launching the app with last used view.
+Timezone name changed.
+Mark the important day with color. If user assign the star to event, event’s start date will be filled with event’s color. It can be repeated as event.
+Default calendar option for event/reminder.
+Use google map on/off option.
+Clearing recent used stickers by shaking gesture.
+Link with email.
+Font setting for Agenda/Week/Day view.
+View name changed.
+Save custom color to template.

Bug fixed:
+Timezone issue for note date.
+Save event time in template.
+Sort reminders by date and time.
+Print with the wrong pastel color.
+Time display changed. 4:5->4:05
+Netherlands King’s Day holiday issue.

Let’s donate to UNICEF

The christmas is just around the corner. It’s time to help the poor children. So we decided to donate half of December’s revenue to UNICEF. We will let you know the amount of fundraising at our website in next month. Please spread our idea to your friends and family.

Buy AwesomeCalendar and help the poor children! Thanks.

What’s new in 4.1

New features:
+iOS reminder on/off option.
+Change a font color for month view to black.
+New monthly recurrence rule: Last day, last weekday and last weekend day.
+Map on/off option for event location.
+Pastel bar color on/off option.
+Category segment control for reminder and google task in list/search view.
+Color add button in event color choosing view.
+Option for filling weekend with darken color.

Bug fixed:
+Improve UI of datePicker in ActionSheet.
+If event’s end date is earlier than start date, app crashes.
+Transfering data from free version to paid version does not work in iOS7.

What’s new in AwesomeCalendar 4.0

New features:
+All new design for iOS 7.
+iOS reminder integrated. Now all todo will be synced between several devices via iCloud. Custom color, priority, note, custom alarms and sub-task are available.
+Now todo can have the recurring rule. User can set extremely flexible recurrence rule to todo.
+Search event more the 3 years before. Pull down the event list view, then more event will be loaded.
+Add time zone to each event.
+Show the status bar.
+80 more new stickers added.
+Add event, todo and note button in monthly popup view.
+Create an event from event template. Save an event as a template, then can use a template to create a new event. The template contains title, date, time and even recurring rule.
+Notice board for news about AwesomeCalendar.
+Title bar text color change to white.
+Week number on/off option in Settings
+Default event time for new event in Settings. All-day, fixed time or x hour later options are available.
+Send email of day view and week view.
+Ukraine country code added.
+Font size option for week view and Note view.
+Rolling todo or ToDo carry over option in Settings. If turn on, uncompleted todo will be moved next day automatically.
+Hide completed todos option.
+Support the note sync between iPhone and iPad via iCloud. This is an automatic sync, but if it does not work, press the “sync button” in Settings.
+ics file is attached when sending email the appointment. Received person can more easily add an event to his own calendar by email.
+2014 holiday.
+Event color sync via iCloud.
+Shake gesture for moving today in month, week, day and list view.
+Week number badge display option.
+Color change button in event view. Do not need to edit mode to change the event color.

Bug fixed:
+Hebrew language problem of week view and popup view.
+Mis translate in Chinese : 备注 >>笔记
+Greece, Hong Kong and Korea holiday fixed
+Recurring setting button does not work in French.
+Time zone related bug.
+Secondary alarm does not ring.
+Blurring image when turning page of half week view.
+Performance enhanced in listview.
+Crash when event editing.

* This update version is optimized the iOS 7 design, we highly recommend you to upgrade iOS for beautiful look.
* Awesome Share is totally updated, so if you used the AwesomeShare before, please register again your phone number in Settings.