What’s new in AwesomeCalendar 4.0

New features:
+All new design for iOS 7.
+iOS reminder integrated. Now all todo will be synced between several devices via iCloud. Custom color, priority, note, custom alarms and sub-task are available.
+Now todo can have the recurring rule. User can set extremely flexible recurrence rule to todo.
+Search event more the 3 years before. Pull down the event list view, then more event will be loaded.
+Add time zone to each event.
+Show the status bar.
+80 more new stickers added.
+Add event, todo and note button in monthly popup view.
+Create an event from event template. Save an event as a template, then can use a template to create a new event. The template contains title, date, time and even recurring rule.
+Notice board for news about AwesomeCalendar.
+Title bar text color change to white.
+Week number on/off option in Settings
+Default event time for new event in Settings. All-day, fixed time or x hour later options are available.
+Send email of day view and week view.
+Ukraine country code added.
+Font size option for week view and Note view.
+Rolling todo or ToDo carry over option in Settings. If turn on, uncompleted todo will be moved next day automatically.
+Hide completed todos option.
+Support the note sync between iPhone and iPad via iCloud. This is an automatic sync, but if it does not work, press the “sync button” in Settings.
+ics file is attached when sending email the appointment. Received person can more easily add an event to his own calendar by email.
+2014 holiday.
+Event color sync via iCloud.
+Shake gesture for moving today in month, week, day and list view.
+Week number badge display option.
+Color change button in event view. Do not need to edit mode to change the event color.

Bug fixed:
+Hebrew language problem of week view and popup view.
+Mis translate in Chinese : 备注 >>笔记
+Greece, Hong Kong and Korea holiday fixed
+Recurring setting button does not work in French.
+Time zone related bug.
+Secondary alarm does not ring.
+Blurring image when turning page of half week view.
+Performance enhanced in listview.
+Crash when event editing.

* This update version is optimized the iOS 7 design, we highly recommend you to upgrade iOS for beautiful look.
* Awesome Share is totally updated, so if you used the AwesomeShare before, please register again your phone number in Settings.

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